The book tells about the life of Julie Watson - an actress in the drama theater of Windsor, a city in the south-west of England. In early November, she buys three paintings of a little-known German artist, dated 1929, 1932 and 1939. Directed by Andrew Gould convinces the actress that there are no coincidences and the canvases fell into her hands for a reason. Julie is trying to understand the hidden meanings of these paintings and wants to learn more about the artist.

In parallel with the main storyline, the touching love story of the author of these canvases, a young doctor, is developing. He and his girlfriend are German Jews living in pre-war Germany.

In the process of collecting information, Julie is increasingly immersed in the past. Great love, monstrous pogroms that have triggered the Holocaust, parting and tragedy - all that this couple had to endure after the Nazis came to power, pass in front of her mind.


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Ten Days in november